Chandigarh nestles in a Picturesque setting in the foothills of Shivalik hills and enjoys the popular epithet " the City Beautiful". Representatie of modem architecture and town planing, the city is a creation of French architech, Le Corbusier-whose architectural renderings are appreciated all over the world.

The city acts as a gateway to many tourist resorts in Himachal Pradesh. Now Chandigarh itself is a pupular tourist destination that provides many tourist attractions in and around the city, with green belts and gardens, the roses, chrysanthemums, hibiscus and cacti; its botanical garden and proximity of zoological & terrace gardens.

Chandigarh is one of the largest urban complxes of the post war era, and is a successful experiment in 20th century urbanism. It is one of the great planned cities of India of their own times, represents highest achievement in Indian architecture.

The Origin

Chandigarh owes its name to an ancient temple of Chandi, the goddes of power. The City emerged as a result of the search for a capital of the post partition province of Punjab that began immediately after independence. In 1950, the city was conceived thanks to the vision of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Independent India, and to the geniusof the French architect, Le Corbusier, Le Corbusier and his team of architects, like master sculptors, transformed the vision of a great city into a living reality turning a complete waste land in the foothills of Shivalik, into a place of beauty.

The words of Pandit Nehru ring so true when talking about the city he remarked.

"Let this be a new town symbolic of the freedom of India, unfettered by the traditions of the past .. an expression of the nations faith in the future. "

The master plan of the city has been conceived be Le Corbusier as a living organism, with the Capital Complex in the north as its head, the city centre its heart, the open with the Capital Complex in the north as its head, the city centre its heart, the open spaces the langs, the network of roads the circulatory system, the industrial area the viscera, the cultural and educational belts as its intellect.


The best climate in Chandigarh is from September to April. winters are cold and fairly heavy woollens are required. The average temperature in winters varies between 14 to 6 C. In Summers one experience an average temperature of 43 C. Monsoons last from July to September.

LOCATION : Chandigarh is 250 Kms north of Delhi and is well connected by Air, Rail and Road.

AREA : 114 Kms. ALTITUDE : 304-365 Mtrs. POPULATION : 7.5 Lac.

By Air : Indian Airlines, Raj Air, Archana, Airways, Jagsons,

By Rails : Himalayan Queen, Shatabadi (Super fast, express tran)

By Road : Air-conditioner/Deluxe coaches from Delhi. Taxi from I.G.I. Airport.